Monday, January 25, 2010

Savings Account

Since I was pregnant with Mariah, Will and I have been talking about opening a savings account for her. Then came Brinlee and we talked even more. And, well, 10 years later, I finally did it. SAD! (that is took this long)
I have actually been putting money aside every single month for a little over a year now for each child. Today, I put that money into 5 different accounts with each girls' name on their own account. I divided it up so that the older 2 girls have just a little more to start with than the younger three. These next 8 years are going FLY and Mariah will be off to college before we know it.
I also talked to the gal at the bank about having another account to start saving up for weddings. This one won't be a top priority, but just knowing that I have a little bit put away will ease my stressing mind. She said that I could come back and talk to their financial advisor about all my options.
I am open to all suggestions! :D

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Gil, Keli and Dezi said...

That's such a good idea. And better late than never. Make sure they get scholarships or something else too! Anyway, Gil and I started Dezi an account of his own when he was born.