Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ring Around The Rosey

This past Monday night the girls were getting silly after FHE, waiting for me to get their dessert. I caught a little video clip and check out Tatum's dramatic fall at the end!

It's been unusually chilly here lately, especially in the evenings. I was bundled under the blanket a couple nights ago and one by one these monkeys joined me.

I love Tatum's smile in this picture!


The Prices said...

Before I even read what you had written I thought to myself "I love Tatum's smile" that is a really cute picture of her.

Stacy said...

We went to dinner at Denny's tonight. I wish we had taken a blanket with us it was so cold in the resturant. We asked them to turn the air down, they told us that they couldn't. We FROZE to death.

Crystal said...

That looks so cute!!!! That is how I remember my friend KJ!! Such a fun, kick back friend. I love the video of ring around the rosey! Your house is a zoo!!(girl zoo) LOL It's so hard to think of all those kids there running around, I am like asking myself who are those kids at KJ's house?? That kitchen bar reminds me of your place in Utah. Miss You!