Wednesday, April 2, 2008


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Tatum chillin' at Ko'Olina (3/24/2008)

It seems that Tatum has been adding to her vocabulary every day and has started putting little 2 word sentences together. She also shocked us a couple of weeks ago when she counted almost all by herself to number 8. These are some of her favorite things to say:

"wussis" (what's this?)
"weow-sis-it" (where is it?)
"watchee" (watch me!)
"he-a-go" (here you go)
"helpee" (help me)
"ooooo skewy" (OOO scary!) She is such a scaredy cat....of EVERYTHING!
"I-uff-OOOO" (I love you)
"PSSSS" (means grapes, chips, oops and almost anything that ends with a ps)
"WOOP" (Whoops!)
"wower" (shower....her most favorite thing to do!)
"eeef" (teeth, which means she wants to brush)
"go buh byeeee" (I want to go bye bye)
"I tuck" (I'm stuck)
"I tewn" (my turn)

I love this age! I love how they come up with cute new stuff every single day. She loves to take showers and brush her teeth. She absolutely loves babies, real and not. She doesn't love the beach (she tolerates it) and she HATES anything scary, including most fuzzy stuffed animals or anything of the like, loud noises, and strangers. In about 2 months she be in full swing toward the terrible 2's and I am so not looking forward to it.

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The Prices said...

She looks so cute in those glasses. I do love that age.