Thursday, December 31, 2009

on the cusp

We are on the cusp of a brand new year, decade and life, if it so be. I was reflecting on the last decade this morning and thought about where our lives were 10 years ago. We were living in Orem UT. Getting ready to have our first born, Mariah. Will was in school at BYU and working for PowerQuest (a computer software company). I had just finished my 2nd stint at Bon Losee Academy (which I hear is no longer) and preparing for the new chapter of motherhood.
In the year 2000, we had a very full and exciting year. After Mariah was born, it worked out that in some way, we got to see my parents every other month. We took a trip with them and all my siblings (except Paula) to the UK to see Amy Mayall marry Malcolm Young when Mariah was 4 months old. That was such a fantastic time!
As we start this new decade and I think about the next 10 years, it is scary to think I'll have 2 daughters go away to college and possibly get.... *whispers*... married. EEEK!
In the year 2010, the only resolution I have made so far is to be a better visiting teacher. That is something I have been lacking in since we moved back to the mainland and I want to strive to do better.
So far, the decade is starting off great because we are in one of our favorite places with some of our most favorite people!! I couldn't ask for a better jumping point!
We are headed to the beach again today! Should be some exciting pics to post tomorrow! Got a long and busy holiday ahead today.

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