Saturday, June 19, 2010

Future Roomies

With the incoming family member appeasing the Erickson Family Corp. EOE group, we have to make some rearrangements to the home office.

A couple of months ago the girls asked where the new baby brother will sleep and I told them; "In the nursery." Then where will Roxelle sleep? In the bonus room...and then I happened to suggest that possibly Asia could move in with Brinlee to make it even and we experienced a total meltdown. I don't blame Brinlee. She's had her own room for 2 years now and she and Asia are not always the best of pals. So I said we'd think about the arrangements later and that the bonus room is big enough for 3.

Over the last several weeks, I've been thinking about it and it's silly to put 3 kids in one room while the other 2 have their own. Mariah's bedroom and closet are barely big enough for her and her stuff now. It would be crazy to try and put another person in there, even with bunkbeds to save space. So, I decided that it would have to be Asia to move, but decided to not break the news just yet. I wanted to try and make it special, so I budgeted a little money to find some cute furniture (possibly from Craigslist as my budget was itty bitty). Long story short, I was lucky enough to find these darling "bedroom in a box" sets for almost exactly the amount of my budget!

I decided to go ahead and set everything up now, but not have Asia move in until just before school starts. I don't have a twin bed to put in there yet anyway and this will help Brinlee ease into the idea of sharing a room.

Now I'm trying to decide on which comforter to use out of the 2 I found. I could have gotten the exact same thing that Brinlee has, but the furniture is already SO matchy-matchy, that I wanted to mix it up a little.

Between the 2 on the floor, which one do YOU like the best? (I realize they are wild from the get-go, but they LOVE it and says it's "very Taylor Swift". LOL!!)

Here are pictures and a video clip of Brinlee's initial reaction(s).

Brinlee was.....a little shocked (maybe disappointed, too), but after the camera stopped, we had a little heart to heart about her concerns with having a roommate. She cried for a few minutes and then after we talked I told her to look her in new drawers and that was the end of the tears. Then we called Asia up for them to look at the new comforters. I think it will all turn out ok in the end.

The "before" pictures

p.s. You'll get the full "after" pictures once Asia gets all moved in ;)


CoconutKate said...

I'd go for the purple one. Hope the girls can find a way to be happy together. :0)

*~McGarys~* said...

I think the purple would look better because they would match. But the pink is also cute:)

jared and megan said...

I like the pink. It's a different color to keep them individual, but the same pattern which ties it all together

jared and megan said...

k so I looked at it again after reading the other comments...and actually I do think the purple looks better. Better to do same color, differnt pattern. Anyway, I realize this is kinda old so you may have already chosen? which one?

Erickson Family said...

We have not found a way for me and her to be happy together! :( still sad about it.