Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Big Mess

I know I promised pics today, but it's just not gonna happen!

Yesterday, Will picked up a shift from 10pm until 6:30 this morning through the temp agency he works for. After dinner last night, he took a nap before having to leave. Around 9:30, the hospital called him to find out if he could take a shift today from 7am to 7:30pm. He couldn't pass up the opportunity for OT, so he took that, too. The bad part is that I get to take the girls to church by myself, AGAIN. Last week, was awful. Brinlee and Asia were audibly crying for most of sacrament meeting. Mariah was just being ornery (blowing in Roxelle's face for no reason, teasing Asia, and just having drama). Tatum was actually pretty good last week. She was quietly coloring and doing her own thing. This week, Tatum was screaming for about 20 minutes before the meeting started (I had to be there 30 minutes early to meet with a member of the bishopric). Once it started, Tatum cried intermittently, Roxelle was fussy, Asia kept talking out loud and Mariah was crying because she wanted to color some page that Brinlee colored. UGH!

Plus, the day started off with Brinlee and Mariah helpfully getting everyone breakfast so that I could sleep a little longer before Roxelle woke up. However, that only lasted about 10 minutes. Brinlee rushed in saying that Asia accidentally knocked over the milk pitcher, an old 4 cup Tupperware measurer with a lid that I put milk in so that the girls can get their own cereal and not have to lift the heavy gallon. So there was a milk "pond" on the island and all over the floor. Brinlee had mopped up most of the floor, but she said that it just kept spreading (good try, Brins).

After church, I was dragging my feet in making dinner. The kids really wanted mashed potatoes and gravy. I am so spoiled. I have hardly ever had to peel potatoes in our entire marriage. I did not want to drag out the bag and peeler (SO LAZY! lol). So I get the steak started in the electric fry pan and peel potatoes. When steak had finished, I took the smaller of the 2 out on a plate to cool so I could cut it up for the kids. I turned to call my mom back and just as it's ringing, I heard a HUGE crash. Tatum had somehow pulled the electric fry pan off the counter and it flipped all over the floor, oven, cupboards, pantry, and down the front of Tatum's dress. There was meat grease and seasoned drippings everywhere. I told my mom what had just happened and said I'd call her back. Tatum was fine, but the MESS. UGH! The kids were all whining that they are hungry, and since we don't have a mop, I'm on my hands and knees trying to wipe up the grease. I ended up pouring straight dish soap onto the floor and wiping it with a hot cloth and it still feels greasy over there.

Once I got dinner on the table, Mariah says "I can't see the gravy on my pototoes." (Mashed potatoes and gravy is her most favorite food). I said "Don't even go there! Tatum spilled your gravy all over the floor." ha ha ha

So I've had one long day. The kids are all in bed. Will got home around 8. We exchanged stories about our crazy days (he said the hospital was really busy) and now I am going to feed Roxelle one last time for the night and go to bed myself. I am exhausted!


Megan and Adam said...

I'm sorry you had such a ruff day. I know sunday is supposed to be a peaceful and relaxing day but it seems to always be the craziest! I hate that, and usually I'm in a bad mood by the end of the day because how crazy it has been! I can't believe Will is working so much,how does he do it on so little sleep? It's good for you but also hard I'm sure! I can't imagine having all 5 kids at church with no help! Just know I'm thinking of you and hope you guys are doing well. Love ya

Crystal said...

Sorry!! Hey I signed your Foca petition. Great to see you back online!!! I still have your present for the little new miss sitting here staring at me! I will get it in the mail some day! Have a great day! and a little grease just makes things shinier! LOL