Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Tonight while I was making dinner and doing some pre-Thanksgiving stuff, all of a sudden Roxelle let out that baby "I'm hurt" scream. Will and I dropped everything and ran into the living room to find Tatum with a piece to Roxelle's toy that she was laying under in her hand. She had taken it off and reamed Roxelle twice on the forehead. How do we know it was twice, you ask? Because there were 2 red, risen triangular bumps that showed up a few minutes later that matched that edge of the piece she was holding. That was just the beginning of the night.

Just before dinner was ready, Mariah said that her tummy was hurting. A little while before that, they had been playing and Brinlee kicked Mariah in the stomach (2nd time in 2 days) and now she said that her tummy was still hurting. She said she didn't feel sick, but just that her tummy hurt where Brinlee kicked her. So she layed down in front of the fire and said she wasn't hungry. We all ate and I saw that Mariah had fallen asleep, I went to wake her so that she could eat and go to bed at a normal time. She got up and went to the freezer to get her freezer mug, while I cleaned up the blankets off the floor. All of a sudden, she starts vomiting all over the floor and inside the door of the freezer. We couldn't decide if she was sick, or the force of being kicked made her throw up. She said that she felt much better, though. But, that's not all....

While I was upstairs showering Mariah, the other girls were running a muck and being crazy. I was upstairs and heard Will getting after somebody. I went down to find that Asia had gotten too close to the fire and the back of her night gown had melted to the front of glass. YIKES! We told her how lucky she is that she didn't catch on fire.

I decided to take a picture of the mess on the fireplace.Photobucket While I was doing that, Brinlee accidentally clocked Tatum in the face with a toy. I turned around to see Tatum holding her breath in a fit. I grabbed her on my lap and turned to ask Brinlee what happened when Will walked in and said that Tatum was bleeding. Just as I looked down a drop of blood fell on her shirt. My immediate reaction was to tip her back so that it wouldn't continue to bleed on her shirt, but as she was laying back, she caught sight of the blood and freaked out. I've never seen someones eyes bulge in an instant like that and then she flipped out of my arms. Will grabbed her up and took her to the kitchen. It all happened so fast, like 5 seconds, but it seemed like I was watching in slow motion. She bled for about 5 minutes.

Poor Brinlee looked like she thought she killed Tatum. She had already been having trauma over thinking that she made Mariah throw up. She crumbled to the floor in a mess of tears. I grabbed her onto my lap and hugged her and held her for a long while.

I told the other girls to go and brush their teeth and get ready for bed. About 2 minutes later Will heard Mariah vomiting all over the upstairs bathroom. Oh, no, not in the toilet, but all over the floor and out on the carpet. UGH!

She has thrown up 2 or 3 more times since then. Will went out to the garage to get a razor blade to see if he could clean off the glass of the fireplace and accidently dropped the tray from his tool box that holds all the little nuts, bolts and screws and sent them all over the floor. He came inside with a complete look of exasperation and said "I am so done".

I am going to feed Roxelle and try to get some sleep before I have to wake up around 4 to start the dough for my rolls.


The Prices said...

oh goodness!! I know what it is like to have one of those days!!! Hopefully everyone is doing better today!

Handi Andi said...

You survived. Tomorrow can't be worse, right? I'll cross my fingers for you.

Monica said...

Every time I have a rough day with Rennick from now on, I will always reflect on the day you had...and be greatful that I'm only dealing with one crazy kid instead of five! Just kidding...sort of. Love you all!!
Love, Mon

Ross, Lindsay and Braden said...

hey! i just wanted to wish you a happy birthday! hope you have a great one,can't wait to see you guys next week!