Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It snowed

The bonus room upstairs was only partially finished. Well, it's finished, it just didn't have a heat source and according to the inspector, there is no insulation above that room in the attic space. This is going to be Asia and Tatum's room. So Will said he could finish it and he did a fabulous job, but the mess! YIKES!

We rented an insulation blowing machine from Home Depot and bought these cubes of loose insulation (cellulose) that you feed into this machine and it blows it through a hose. Will was up in the attic and I was in the garage trying to feed it in, but I was apparently doing something wrong, so I called Mike Loomis to help. Mike said he used to do this as an occupation and they knocked it out in no time. Thanks for the help, Mike!

When I went upstairs into the room, it already felt warmer. It had been the indoor freezer room until now. The kids toys are all strewn around on the floor, but they weren't allowed to play in there without jackets. LOL!

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