Thursday, January 15, 2009


Asia has been asking me a lot of random questions lately. Last week I was in the laundry room sorting laundry and she was standing in the doorway twittering around and humming to herself. All of a sudden she says, almost in a rhetorical kind of way,

"I wonda who use a live here".

"What do you mean, Asia?"

"Who did?"

"I don't know who did, but you know what? Mommy thinks about that pretty often, too."

She giggles "I see'd dem outside tomorrow"

"You saw 'who', honey?"

"Dem. In da car on da street outside. Da blue car."

"Huh? You saw the people who used to live here?"

"uh-huh, getting into dey car."

"oh...Did they talk to you?"

"Nope, I just see'd dem"

"Oh, ok."

Then a few days ago she was sitting in the office chair we have in the corner of the dining room and she says "I wanna go to da ocean". And then just a few minutes ago she says;

"Mom...member at da chuch in Wai'i?"

"Yeah, the church in Hawai'i?"

"When I went to nurshey dere and dey had da bubbles"

"Yeah, with Sister Bryce. They had a bubble machine, huh?"



"When we going go back to Wai'i"

(smiling) "Maybe we'll visit there sometime soon"

"Ok, can we go to the park now?"

Ever since she started preschool she has been telling stories and sharing her memory a lot more often. I don't know if it's things that are triggering her memory or her subconscious visits her in her dreams and when she wakes up she remembers them more vividly, but she has been cracking me up lately with her little "conversations".


Emily said...

I love it when they turn into little people! They are SO funny!

Ross, Lindsay and Braden said...

we just checked out your december page and braden was glued to the screen. he loved all the videos and was mad when we had watched em all. lol man i wish we could see eachother more often!

Kauwe said...

awwww! well tell her everyone in wai'i misses her and to come visit soon! aleena too is our lil chatter box and says the most random stuff. i was totally thinking about you guys when we were doing fireworks new years eve- :( a tear! we miss you guys!