Friday, January 16, 2009

MDO'd w/no PTO

Last week, Will learned that Providence Health is cutting back jobs and hours company wide. He said that they are putting a freeze on all hiring and laying off any unnecessary positions (i.e. administrative, techs, etc.) His specific job is, thankfully, not in jeopardy, but they have asked that each person to take a heavier patient load. They normally have 3 maybe 4 patients on a shift and if it gets busier they call someone in. He said they have been asked to take as many as 5 patients in one shift.

I guess Providence admin is trying to project how much free health care they will have to give away this year, due to the economy, and that is why they are cutting back.

Anyway, this past Sunday, Will got "MDO'd" (Mandatory Day Off). I guess for most of his co-workers, it's not really a problem because they can use their PTO (Paid Time Off). Will doesn't have any yet.

He did find out yesterday that he is eligible for Providence "Share Care", which means he can be called in to work at any Providence facility in the area. They called today and asked him to come into the Portland Hospital for several hours. That will help make up for a small bit of the 12 he's missing this week so far.

We are praying that he will be able to maintain his regular hours in the weeks to come. We really need OT to help us out, too, but we can get by without it. Any extra prayers you can send our way would be greatly appreciated!!

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Emily said...

I will definatly say prayers! Hang in there, and I hope he gets the hours he needs! It is such a loss of security when things like that start to happen... good luck!