Friday, January 16, 2009


I am not a huge fan of mopping. Admittedly, we have lived here since Oct. 19 and I mopped today for the 2nd (that's right TWO times) since we've lived here. LOL

At first, the problem was that I didn't even own a mop. I generally keep spills and sticky spots wiped up with my handy clorox/lysol wipes. The first time I "mopped" was about a month ago. I had totally braced myself for how disgustingly dirty the water would be and surprisingly, it was hardly even dingy.

When we lived in HI, we had tile floors (I HATE HATE HATE tile). I would deep mop once a week and super deep mop once a month, including sweeping, vacuuming, going over it with a dust mop to pick up left over hair, wet swiffering and then about every 6 months I would go one step further and hand wipe each tile with clorox wipes after. The floor was always so FILTHY there. Even the hand wipes would still come out dingy even after all the effort.

So, to my surprise again today, the water didn't even start to turn dingy until I got to the dining area under the table. The dirtiest part of the whole floor was under the kids table in the corner. NASTY CHILDREN! ugh


Emily said...

It just never ends, ever...
I have a white & black checkered floor that shows EVERY CRUMB, I am sweeping & mopping a few times a day! It drives me insain!

*~McGarys~* said...

hey did you ever post pics of the inside of your house and the outside? If so I haven't seen them. I would love to see your new home sometime.