Monday, January 12, 2009

Busy Day

We had a lot going on today. First, I've been meaning to get pictures of Roxelle sucking on her tiny little fingers. I just love it! She puts herself right to sleep and calms herself in the car. It's AWESOME!


This evening, Mariah, Brinlee and Asia all started gymnastics at The Kids Club in Salmon Creek. They were beyond excited. Brinlee was in Asia's class today so they could figure out if Brin could do the basics. The coach said she is ready to move on, so next week she'll be in Mariah's class.

All 3 girls did surprisingly well. I totally didn't think Asia was going to do it, but she hopped right in there and loved it. I think it helped that Brinlee was there with her. Mariah wanted me to mention that she did "super extra good on the back rolls".

WARNING! TMI alert!!
Just before putting Roxelle to bed, I was playing with her and she kept trying to poop. She hasn't had a dirty diaper for 2 days now and she's been passing gas and trying to go all day. So I decided to put her on the potty seat and within about a minute she pooped! Poor thing was pushing so hard that she spit up and it came out her nose. sick We got video.. she's gonna hate us when she's older, but here it is!! LOL



Jason and Heather said...

What a cutie Roxelle is!!! Looks like the older girls will love gymantics. It seems like you and the family are adjusting well. You need to come to Utah so I(and also my dad) and can finally play with girly things. I hope that you and your family stay well.


kapua Kai said...

only at the erickson house!! :)