Monday, December 28, 2009


We are finally here after an eventful night! We got to the airport in plenty of time to take it easy getting through security with 7 people and 11 pieces of luggage. We boarded the plane on time and taxi'd out to the runway in decent time. Then we sat there for a while. The girls kept asking if we were already flying (cuz it was dark outside and they couldnt' see that the ground was right there). Then the pilot came on and said that one of the flap indicator lights had come on and that we were turning around to go back to the gate to have the mechanics take a look. They said if there really is something wrong with the flap, that we will have to change planes, but if it's just a false indicator, that we'd take off because they don't need the indicators to work once we are in the air.

After we had sat at the gate for over an hour, it was announced that it was just the indicator light.

Once in the air, the kids slept most of the time and were, over all, pretty good.

The kids and I wore masks for a good part of the time to try and avoid the sickies.

Baby's 1st plane ride!!! (AWWW)

We arrived 2 hours late at 11:40. When we exited the airplane and walked out of the terminal into the open air, Tatum pointed to the palm trees and shouted "LOOK! It's Hawaii!!" They were so excited to just be here.

We grabbed our one checked suitcase and headed out to the car rental bus waiting area. We waited for over an hour and watched a bunch of the other company buses come and go 2 and 3 times. We used the courtesy phone (4 or 5 times) that direct connects to Thrifty and it kept telling us that someone would be there shortly to get us.

Us waiting...and WAITING! (1 am-ish)

Finally at around 1:10 am, the guy at the taxi stand next to us came and asked us if we needed help and we told him we were waiting for the Thrifty bus and he said they'd closed at 11:30. WHAT?!

So we called Kauwe, whom we'd been keeping updating since we landed, and he came to get us. We finally arrived in Ewa around 2:15.

I'd say the thing that has changed the most is that they finished the 3rd lane on Fort Weaver Rd and there is NO more traffic in Ewa!!! That is totally unfathomable to me. I can't comprehend there being no traffic on Ft. Weaver Rd.

We spent this morning getting our rental car figured out and then we all went to Ko'Olina to hang on the beach. The girls are playing so well together. I thought my girls would enter the ocean with some trepidation at first, but they hopped right back in like we'd never been gone.

Will and I agree that we feel like we're in some kind of weird time warp. It's almost as though we never left, or that we haven't been gone that long.

Tomorrow: We beach it again!!!

The first glimpse of the beach!!

Baby's 1st toes in the sand experience!!

Not all together sure of this, yet.

Don't really like the grass, either.

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