Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ko'Olina again

First thing this morning, I went for a run and then a walk with the girls on bikes. We went past our old house and Keoneula Elementary School. The sun was shining through the clouds in the most beautiful way.

Our place on Kai'Oli St. and the girls school just to the right of the front gate.

Taylin picked this ENORMOUS hibiscus flower just outside our old house. I remember admiring them. There are usually pink ones too. SO pretty!

I thought the sun looked cool.
(These were all taken with my phone..sorry for the poor quality)

Then the girls were given the go ahead to eat the gingerbread houses. They dug right in!

LOL! Tatum thought this was hilarious!

We went to Ko'Olina again today. It was cloudy today and a little bit of a cool breeze was blowing. The girls didn't care, though. They threw themselves into the water like it was 90 degrees out. They came out an hour later with slightly blue lips, but they didn't seem to care at all.

I'd have to say that Roxelle gets the brownie award for the day. The poor baby didn't get her 9am or 1pm naps and we didn't hear hardly a peep out of her all day. She toddled around on the "straw" mat and munched on snacks and cooed at the the birds. She was just happy as can be!
On the way home we stopped at the new Costco/Target complex in Kapolei. I so missed Target when we lived here and, of course, only about 6 months after we left, they finished building it.
We are going to call it a night earlier tonight than last night. I am closing my eyes as I type. I am exhausted!
Tomorrow: Aloha Stadium Swap Meet

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