Thursday, December 31, 2009

Swap Meet

We braved Aloha Stadium Swap Meet today with all 10 girls (Kauwe had to work, so Will was all alone...poor guy). I went armed with my list that I'd been secretly keeping for the last couple months, so as to not give away the travel plans. I was able to get everything on my list except the Christmas tree ornaments I was hoping to add to my collection for next year.

Mariah bought this Hello Kitty
necklace at the swap meet

After we left the stadium, we hit the H3 freeway and went over to La'ie to go to BYU-H bookstore and see the temple. I thought that I'd seen a Dave's ice cream over there before, but it turns out there isn't, so we stopped at Angel's ice cream for a cup with ice cream and shave ice. It was pretty good, but Dave's is still my favorite (even over Matsumoto's).

I missed these Ko'Olau Mtns. So majestic!

We went to the temple to see the grounds. The temple is currently closed for some major renovations until next summer, but the grounds are still as beautiful as ever. They even still had their life size marble nativity still set up and the visitor's center is still open. The girls were in awe of everything there.

Outside the La'ie Distribution Center


Visitor's Center

Gorgeous La'ie Temple

The Nativity next to the VC ("Nice Doggie"...LOL!!)

Then we went up the road to the BYU-H bookstore and let the girls wander around the bookstore. They love looking around stores like that. It kind of cracks me up how excited they get about such little stuff.

We decided to take the "long way" home and drive over the North Shore. We made a stop at the Dole Plantation to get Pineapple Whip. YuuuMM!!! And it's dairy free, so even Roxelle got to have some. She totally dug it!

Front Entrance

Look at the Brinlee and Tatum in the back ground. LOL!

Penny Flatener. Mariah has sort of made this a tradition to do when we go places that have it.

Poor baby is EXHAUSTED!

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