Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Out to Dinner

Kauwe's brave dad, Gordon, agreed to keep all 10 girls home, while we parents went out to dinner. I put Roxelle and Tatum to bed and then we left. We couldn't decided where to eat, so we ended up at the Ho Ho "Chin" Buffet in Kapolei (supposed to be Chinese, but the 'ese' lights were burnt out so it looked like 'Chin').
Totally ghetto place to eat, but the food was actually pretty good. We chatted and enjoyed each other for the evening. We don't have many more days with Kauwe, as he is getting set to leave on Mon. t0 AZ for 4 months on a military training thing-y.
We love the Kai's so much! It's like looking at a very tan mirror image of ourselves. They totally get the dynamic of 5 girls under age 10. We joke that we must be building our mansions in heaven very close to one another to house all these girls and all our posterity to come!

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