Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Baptism slide

The baptism slide is up. Click HERE.

ADDED videos right below it (from the baptism). Scroll down the page about 1/2 way from here.


The Prices said...

I am in tears it was so pretty. That is how every baptism should be. Congratulations Mariah. Oh, how we miss Hawaii!

*~McGary's~* said...

I have to say that, that was really nice! I was thinking about the first baptism that I saw 3 years ago. It was in a pond and I remember thinking how beautiful it was. We didn;t know them but the missionary's asked us if we wanted to go? So we went and I thought that the pond was yucky looking. lol But I know that it wasn't where it took place but that it was the baptism that was so great:) Thanks for sharing your slide.

Crystal said...

That was so neat!!! Mariah you are beautiful! I think you and Elle had the same dress? The one at church. The first pictures of them walking into the water took my breath away! How special! Where was Asia in all the videos?? Your girls sure are cute!