Wednesday, May 14, 2008

HPU Pinning and Graduation Ceremonies

I have to be the proud wife for a minute! I am so proud of Will for all his hard work. The pinning on Monday night was really special and I was glad to have been able to take part in it.

On pinning night, Will was honored with the first award of the night. He received the Clinical Excellence award as voted by the instructors in the nursing program. They also awarded 13 nursing students with accolades according to the GPA received in HPU nursing program (3.5 or higher). Because Will is considered a transfer student from BYU, they used his GPA from there to average his graduating GPA from HPU. Unfortunately, this disqualified him from graduating with honors at the main University ceremony on Tuesday. When they began announcing the 13 on Monday night, I got my camera ready because Will's HPU GPA is 3.875 and so I knew he'd be receiving one. When the 12th name was read, I started to get nervous. The announcer said..."And the student with the highest GPA in the class is....Chrisma (something). WHAT?! Why didn't he get an award?!! hmmmmm

Well today, Dr Burrell, asst dean, called to say that she wanted to apologize to Will because they had meant to give him one of those awards and she didn't realize his name had been overlooked until she started receiving emails and phone calls from other students inquiring why they didn't receive one. So they are going to mail it to him.

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