Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Tatum has found a new love. The first clip is of her "exfoliating" herself. The second is of her getting pretty good at using a spoon.




TwinkleBee said...

cute videos! wow when you said oatmeal scrub you weren't kidding! It looks like the whole bowl was in here hair, hehe, what a good laugh. Tatum looks so much like Braiden. Must be those Jones genes coming through.

TwinkleBee said...

i want to be invited to the paul jones blog!! can you hook me up!? who does it? your mom?

The Prices said...

She is too cute! I am glad that I am not the only one that videos/takes pics of their kids while they are crying!!:)

*~McGary's~* said...

How cute! Noah loved seeing T! Nothing like a good oatmeal bath:)

Elyse said...

Holy smokes, is that little girl adorable => She is excellent with a spoon! I have also shared in the wearing of food phenomenon. So very fun to experiment for those little punkins. And the blackmail potential in the future could be terrific! (j/k => )
Hope you guys are enjoying Hawaii while it lasts! I bet it will be weird to be home, but we will be happy to have you!
Have a great day!~E

Gil, Keli and Dezi said...

Ha Ha Ha!!! LOL!!! I LOVE that video clip. Dang...she was mad you interupted her spa facial.