Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mariah's Baptism

We woke to a beautiful sunny morning and the worries about where everyone would park and if people would be able to find us had all dissipated. We had pretty much prepared everything last night and all that was left to do is get everyone ready. Trying to explain that "no, we aren't going to church, we are going to the beach in church clothes" was a little interesting, but all the kids were actually really good all morning.
It was an absolutely gorgeous setting for this sacred ordinance. The beach was empty, except for 2 moms with their small kids.
The service was short and the spirit was strong. The image of her being plunged below the placid blue water is engraved on my mind. When she came up from the water, she didn't even look as though she were wet. It was a serene and very surreal moment.
She was thrilled to receive her own set of scriptures with her name engraved on the front from Grandpa and Grandma Jones. She has spent most of the day flipping through the pages and reading here and there. She said she wants to start at the beginning and read all the way to the very end.

I noticed after I was putting together the slide show that I didn't get any pictures of just Mariah =<. If anyone that was here did, can you send it to me? I am planning to take her to Kiddie Kandids as soon as we move back to get professional pictures of her in her dress.

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Gil, Keli and Dezi said...

Oh it looked like such a perfect day to have a baptism! She is so beautiful in her white dress. I hope you guys had a great baptism day! Sorry we couldn't make it.