Tuesday, May 13, 2008

real quick

I have been so busy with family in town since a week ago Monday. We've had a baptism and a pinning ceremony with the graduation tonight. I wish I could say that I will be posting all the pics soon, but we will be heading outer island to Maui on Thursday to Sunday with our friends Kauwe and Kapua Kai. Will's mom will still be here to tend the girls.

p.s. I mostly mean those things (the pet peeves on my 100's list) about myself or immediate family members. I am an obsessive person, but I love my friends just the way they are! =D


The Prices said...

HAHAHA-- I know that you love me no matter what!!:) I was just teasing you!

*~McGary's~* said...

How fun! You lucky! I bet that your going to have so much fun. Nothing better then a nice get away to HI from HI. Lol Maui will be so pretty. I can't wait till you move back though. That way when we go up to WA we can stop in sence it;s only 3 hours away. Not bad of a drive i would say.