Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Baby Shower

Tomorrow's the big day!!!

My mom and Chelsea decided to put together a shower for me with the ladies in the ward. It was really nice and I got some things that I really needed, including a carseat and lots of diapers and wipes!! Thanks everyone!

Cheryl Nelson, Lacey Stitt, Beva Shepherd, Fong Cha, Angie Stucki and Marisa Stucki

Lisa Saunders (w/Rebecca Hedrick), Kristy, Cheryl Nelson, Lacey Stitt

Janet Stitt, Tricia Christiansen, Alfrieda Fackrell

Grandma Woolsey, Sue Wyatt and her mom


Marisa and Hannah

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~ Michael and Kristen ~ said...

"I'm so sorry, and I'm a little embarassed, but do we know each other? I was looking at your blog after you left a comment and there aren't any pictures, so I don't have a clue who this is!! LOL"

It's okay, Kristy, I wasn't too informative when setting up the Blog. You don't know Michael, but I used to be Kristen Palmer.

So no worries, it's not just some random stranger reading your blog. :)