Friday, September 12, 2008


Not even an hour after that last post, Dr. Burgoine's office called to ask me if I've decided which hospital I wanted to deliver at. (HUH?!) I told them that I am planning on delivering at Meridian Park. She said "Well, your insurance won't cover you there because Meridian Park in not a Providence preferred hospital." (Providence is who Will's new job is through and our insurance just started through them on Sept. 1). She suggested that I could deliver at Newberg Hospital.(NEWBERG??!) She said that Dr. Burgoine has an office in Newberg or something like that. I asked if Dr. B delivers at Newberg. She told me no. She says that Dr. B will speak to his associates and someone will call me in a few days. I told her that I just saw Dr. B this morning and we scheduled my induction for 7 am on Wednesday morning AT Meridian Park. She said "Oh....ok......hold on for just a moment". (Here I am on hold totally FREAKING out). She comes back on and says that Dr. B is talking to his associates and I will receive a call soon. So then Dr. B calls me himself and says that he talked to Dr. Emmons in Newberg and she agreed to do my induction on Wednesday at Providence Newberg Medical Center (about 30 minutes NW of Woodburn. He said he was really sorry and I told him that it really isn't his fault. He said that Dr. Emmons is really great and I said "I'm sure she is, but this really sucks. I guess I don't really care, or not that I don't 'care', but I guess I have no choice at this point." He told me they already talked to the hospital and that I needed to be there at 10 am.
I told Will that I refused to go to Newberg until I see it in person for myself. So he logged on to the Providence website and there were pictures of the Newberg facility there. It actually looks pretty new. I guess they totally remodeled it a few years ago and all of the pictures make it look pretty decent. I didn't even know there was a hospital in NewbergI feel a little better, but STILL! This is exactly why I waited all summer to see a doctor because I didn't want to start with another one and then have to change at the last minute. I guess this can't get any more last minute. GRR!!

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