Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Pump

The girls are always very intrigued by the breast pump. Particularly Asia this time. She has all kinds of questions and comments. She is at a very funny stage where she is trying to express herself in a more grown up way, but most of the time it comes out all wrong. We try not to laugh at her, especially when she's looking, but sometimes we just crack up at the stuff she says! (Like "Great Grandma Lizzie!")



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Megan and Adam said...

You posted a ton of new stuff!! Thanks it was nice to get an update. I love all the pictures! Roxelle does really smile and Asia and Tatum made me laugh. They are so cute and funny. It makes me laugh thinking of Asia saying Grandma Woosley "Lizzie" Deffinately sounds like somethings Adalyn would say.