Thursday, September 4, 2008

baby update

I had another doctor appointment this morning. I was also scheduled to do a 3 hour glucose test because the one I took last week "failed". It was such a mess. I got to the dr. office for my appt at 8:20 and they said the dr. got stuck at the hospital and would be about 45 minutes behind, which is fine, I totally understand they have busy schedules, but my glucose test was at supposed to start at 9 and I had to arrive at the test having fasted all night. So the nurse told me to go ahead to the lab and then come back to their office after the test was complete. She said the dr. would be there till about noon.

So I checked in at the lab at 10 to 9 and waited....and waited. At 10 after 9 the registration desk calls for me to give my insurance and other info. Then I waited some more. At 9:15, I went to the reception desk where there is a sign posted saying that if you've waited 10 mins. after your appointment time, to let them know. I told her that I'd been waiting since 10 mins. before my appt and that I was nearing the 10 hour fasting limit (I was hungry and DYING of thirst!!!) AND that my doctor would only be in until noon and I needed to see him today, too. She said she'd let them know. I waited 5 more minutes (which is like an eternity when you're shaking and hungry AND pregnant) and then told the gal at the desk that I would have to reschedule. As it was, I wouldn't have been able to complete the full 3 hours and still be able to see my doctor. So she told me to go knock on the lab door and tell them the situation. When I knocked, 2 guys (presumably phlebotomists) answered and there was a girl, a tech or something standing in the back and there were no other patients in there. I told them that I would need to reschedule and the older guy of the 2 asked, "Why?" I told him that I still needed to see my dr. by noon and that I only had a sitter until 12:30 (which wasn't entirely untrue...they were with my mom, but SHEESH she has things to do, too). I wanted to tell him off and ask why I'd been left to sit for 40 minutes all pregnant and hungry (BOO HOO!), but I didn't and I went back up to my dr. office.

By then, I was laughing and told the nurse the whole story and she was furious that they made me wait. She kept apologizing a million times, which I kept assuring her that it wasn't her fault. She felt so bad that she ended up brining me some apple juice and soda crackers. And a few minutes after that the dr. arrived at the office and they sent him to me first! He kept apologizing, too, but then I started to feel bad because they were feeling so guilty for some odd reason.

Anyway, after all that, he checked me and I am only about a finger tip size dilated. He said that he would call the hospital and check his schedule for the 18th and let me know.

I have been having a lot of contractions lately. This little baby is SUPER active. She does these really interesting little flutters with her feet (I assume). The dr. said she is not breech anymore, so that's good. I can't believe there are only potentially 2 weeks to go! YIKES! I get fluttery just thinking about it!


Stacy said...

Being hungry and pregnant there really is nothing worse, unless you need to pee too.:) good luck with the labor can't wait to hear from you how things go.

Jen said...

I can't even wait!! What is the chosen name? I am so happy for you!! What is the word on the house quest? Good Luck to you, I miss you like crazy!

Megan and Adam said...

I can't believe that people are so inconsiderate! Especially being almost 9 months pregnant! People are idiots, at least your doctor and nurse were nice and didn't make it worse. I can't wait to see my new little niece, we are so excited for you guys. Love you