Monday, December 22, 2008

All the snow!

When we moved up to Vancouver from my parents, it was starting to turn colder and Brinlee kept asking when it was going to snow. I told her that it may not snow at all this year. We don't always get snow in this area. Well she informed me that we were WRONG!

It has been snowing like crazy almost all week. All the news channels are calling this our "Arctic Blast". It started on Tuesday afternoon (the 16th) and we got just a little skift (is that a word?)(ok, I just looked it up and it's not a word, but my mom uses it all time to describe a small amount. LOL!).

When we woke Wed, it was snowing, but not really sticking. Since Asia's preschool is in with Evergreen School District, they had closed their schools, but ours, Vancouver School District had not. By about 10, it was really coming down and sticking really well. The girls ended up with a 2 hour early release. They played in it all afternoon with the neighbor kids, but it had started to melt and everything was all muddy. They got so DIRTY!

On Thursday, I woke up around 5:45 am to use the bathroom and looked outside and things were pretty much as they were when we went to bed. Wet and muddy. (Will had already left for work) At 6:30, Mariah came in my room and shook me saying "Mommy, it snowed again last night!" I said, "No it didn't, I just checked a little while ago", she went over to the window and pulled back the shade and sure enough it was coming down HARD! It was already starting to stick. School was cancelled for Mariah and Brinlee, but not for Asia. (???)

Anyway, school ended up being cancelled for the rest of the week. Ross, Lindsay, Braden, Megan, Adalyn and Ellie have already arrived. We had the Jones (my dad's side) Family Christmas Party on Sat. Will had to work, so I had to brave the "Arctic Blast" by myself with no chains. I think we had about 8-10 inches of snow on the ground (HUGE for this area). The freeway was a MESS. It took us about 3 hours to make the normally 45 minute drive down I-5. The party was awesome! Aunt Janet was in charge and we had a simple delicious potato bar. Lacey baked fresh cookies all day and we had peppermint ice cream/chocolate chip cookie sandwiches (YUUUM!).

The only photos I took at the party
Photobucket Photobucket

Much to everyone's (at the party) chagrin, I made the decision to turn around and go home that night around 7 pm because I had not even started one stitch of the huge wrapping job I had ahead of me, plus I was supposed to sing with the ward choir in Sacrament Mtg and teach the Laurels. Aunt Susan was very disapproving and everyone begged me several times not to go, but I am stubborn as the rest of them and left anyway with just baby Roxelle. Mariah and Brinlee stayed with Aunt Chelsea and Uncle Jay and Asia and Tatum stayed to play with Braden and Adalyn.

It took me about 2 hours to get home, but I decided to stop at Target in Jantzen Beach on my way home since I was already out. There wasn't a soul there. I had the entire store to myself at 9 o'clock at night. It was AWESOME! I called my worried mother to let her know I'd made it that far and she didn't believe that I was crazy enough to stop along the way! LOL

I met Will at home and started the wrapping. Actually I sent him off to play his Wii and I wrapped.

Church ended up being cancelled on both ends (Vanc. and Wooburn). My mom asked if we'd stay up here until it was time to pick up Paula and her 5 kids (Tyson just entered the MTC) at the airport late that evening. It just kept right on snowing the entire day. Paula's flight ended up getting cancelled and they wouldn't be able to get another one til Christmas day, so they aren't coming at all (BOO!). They decided to take their family to Disneyland instead. Their teenagers didn't want to come later and stay later because they didn't want to miss New Years with their friends.

So I came back to Woodburn today. Will worked and then came down here too. The roads are still really icy and have deep grooves in them from all the ice. There is probably 6 inches of solid ice on the freeway. We will head back home tomorrow and then I will spend Christmas Eve with Mary Lou in Rainier. (Will has Christmas Day off, but not Christmas Eve day).



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