Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Look at what I get to do!! You would think I was a little kid in art class. I am totally giddy to get to paint my walls whatever color I want. I started yesterday and have a little finishing up to do today. I'll get some pics to post the finished product.

p.s. don't mind the ex-prego booty =D
p.p.s. Tatum started feeling better in the middle of the night. She woke around 2 am starving and wanted to watch "Annie". The only thing I recall is getting a cup of saltines and a tiny bit of water and pushing the tape into the VCR in our room . The next thing I know, the sound of the tape rewinding woke me and I got up to find Tatum sound asleep on the towel/blanket combo that I laid out for her. Poor baby! I just hope that Brinlee doesn't start. If the pattern goes as it has been she'll start tomorrow, but she did end up spending last weekend after Thanksgiving at Grandma Erickson's. She stayed that night until Saturday evening, so maybe she'll avoid getting the bug. *FINGERS-CROSSED*


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