Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve....RUINED?!

I have to say that I have totally enjoyed all the fluffy white stuff. Like I said before we hardly ever get snow here, but it really was bad timing. I wasn't able to go to Rainier at all. In fact, I got stuck down in Woodburn until today. I do actually have chains now, but the roads are so dangerous! Mary Lou has gotten probably close to 3 feet if not more. Mike and Monica are stuck up there right now and are having to spend the night now.

Last night it took Jay about 3-4 hours to get home from work in Salem, which is 20 minutes away. Will got stuck on I-205 for about 4 hours just 15-20 minutes from the hospital and around midnight turned around and went back to spend the night there. He had to work today again anyway. We found out that ODOT decided to shut down the freeway for "just 45 minutes" to scrape all the hard ice grooves off the freeway, well it didn't go as planned... OBVIOUSLY!

I didn't really have a choice. All of my kids Christmas is up here and I still had a few large things to pick up that couldn't wait. We made it home in about 2.5 hours. I got caught behind the ODOT cleaners once (they are still at it today a whole 24 hours later). For about 20 minutes my van was in park on I-5. THANKS HEAVENS for the DVD system in our van.

Will got home around 8:30 and I let the girls stay up 'til he arrived so we could do our traditional Christmas Eve activities. Here's some pics and a video. I should elaborate more, but I'm exhausted and have no doubt the girls will rise early!




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