Saturday, February 9, 2008

the background

This is so silly, but I really am torn. I like having a personal blog template that gives a little panache to my page, but these darn templates make everything so skinny and cut most of my videos and slide shows off. Plus when I added the template HTML, it deleted my stuff, which they call "widgets" (HUH?). The widgets contained my music, a slideshow and my link list. I was annoyed because then I had to go re-add all my friends blog sites, some of which I have wrong and can't remember. GRR! Any suggestions? Maybe I just need to conform and use one of their boring templates and be good with it.

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CoconutKate said...

You can save your blog to your computer beforehand so if something goes wrong you can add it back (although I'm not sure how to add it back). Also, things may be really skinny on your computer but they are pretty wide on mine. I'm still trying to figure out how to get my background to stretch all the way across. Someday I'll get it! Can't remember...did I say congrats on being prego? Well congratulations anyhow! :0)