Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Brinlee ~ Student of the Quarter!!

Brinlee came home with an award from her school that she was the student of the quarter, for last quarter. Her teacher told us that one student is chosen from each classroom each quarter. They are presented with an award in class from the school's student counselor, Mr. Chung. They also receive a certificate for a free pizza from Papa John's. I think Brinlee was more excited about that than anything!
This is what her teacher said about her and how they choose the student:

"The teacher selects the student of the quarter based on certain criteria ~ being responsible for their learning, completing their work on time, being kind to others, etc. I chose her because Brinlee has shown me that she can persevere in those areas. I am so proud of her. We all cheered when our counselor, Mr. Chung, came to present her with the certificate and pizza certificate. Congratulations!" -Ms. Uytingco.



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The Prices said...

Congratulations Brinlee!! I am so proud of you. We miss you tons!