Thursday, February 7, 2008


We just got through a pretty loud and wet thunder storm. It started a few hours ago. The girls are always uneasy in thunder storms, especially Brinlee. Each time the thunder would boom, she would plug her ears. So then Asia started plugging her ears, too. One of the times I told Will to look at Asia plugging her ears and she got all embarrased and yelled (I so wish you could hear her talking. You just can't get the full effect of her little twisted accent! LOL)

"NOT! It's Bwinlee! She scayow (scare) of da dwums!"

Then a few minutes after that, she says to me "Mommy, teow (tell) da boys stop hit da dwums, day scayoween (scaring) me".

Only in true local hula style would Asia think that the thunder was drums!!! HA HA HA!

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