Friday, February 15, 2008

my analytical side

I have this need to analyze everything and try to figure out why things happen the way they do. These are my ideas for what took me so long to get pregnant. (NO LAUGHING!! hee hee hee)

For one thing, I did this retarded survey thing that supposedly tells you which months you can conceive which gender. This "survey" said that I was supposed to be able to conceive a boy from March until Dec of last year. Then Jan 08 is a girl and then Feb-Apr is boy again. Well, wouldn't you know that I conceived in Jan! GRR!

Another thing is that I have been doing some pretty intense working out and YOGA since about last March/April. This is about the time we started trying to conceive. The only other time I've had problems with a pregnancy was right before I conceived Tatum, I had a miscarriage and the only thing I could think of for a reason why was that I was doing Body For Life at the time and exercising religiously 6 days a week. So I had stopped exercising around Thanksgiving for no other reason than just being "too busy". Now all of a sudden about 6 weeks after that I am pregnant! I am guessing my "female" body doesn't like exercise! LOL! hahaha

The last one came from my good friend Shelley Detton. She, Will and I were chatting at church several months ago, shortly after the birth of her baby Hazel. And I told her that we had been trying. She suggested that possibly Heavenly Father was "making me wait" because he wants to send us another girl and he wanted me to be so desperate for a the pregnancy that I wouldn't care whether it was a boy or a girl. She was right! I was getting so desperate that I knelt down and prayed (again) telling Heavenly Father that I would be happy with either one. And here we are now!! loved

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Chelsea & Jay said...

I agree... when we had a hard time conceiving, for three years, I realized I had been avidly running. Just prior to us getting pregnant I had stopped running because it was so dang hot in Vegas and i was just walking once in a while with Paula. Then, prego! I think our bodies know that in a stressful time, physically, emotionally, etc we cannot take that stress, plus the physical stress of carrying a child. (Not a fact, just my two cents!!hee hee) ANyhow, it also has to do with the Lord's timing too! So happy for you! When will you find out what you're having?