Monday, February 4, 2008

It's official!

Soooooo, I FINALLY went to the doctor today and the result was +!!! YAY! We are so happy (well I haven't talked to Will yet, but we have already known it would be since I am late anyway) and just to answer your question...."Yes, we are hoping it's a boy, but will be just as happy with another girl." I think I have finally succombed to the idea that we are here to have all girls. Will has been fine with it. It's me that really really really wants a son. But we both agree that even if we did have a son already, we would still have more kids. So we aren't just having more kids in hopes of a boy. We really do want more kids!


The Prices said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I was going to try to contact you today to find out if you were or not!!! I am so excited for you!! If anyone could handle more kids it is you. You are a great mom and a great example to me....infact, I have been meaning to email you to have you explain to me your chore sheet system, etc... so that I can get my kids under control!!! So when are you due??? Congratulations again!!! We miss you guys!

Mama Nash said...

yeahhhhh!! congrats!! party time!