Tuesday, February 26, 2008


This morning around 4:15, I remember hearing Will in the bathroom shaving and seeing the light on. He had one of his clinicals today at Hawai'i Medical Center East, in Honolulu. Since he had to be there by 6:30, he tries to give himself a little over an hour to travel the 20.02 (according to mapquest) miles.

At 5:10, the house phone rang one quick ring, but it woke me up again and I picked my head up off the pillow confused by the dark room. I realized that Will must already be gone, but couldn't figure out why the phone had rung. In that moment my cell phone rang and it was Will. He says "I locked my scooter keys in the scooter and I can't go anywhere." I asked him where he was and he said he was in the garage and he had already locked the door so he couldn't get back inside to get the spare scooter key. So I hurried downstairs and opened the garage door. He came in as I was already headed back upstairs and said "Sorry..." I said, "It's ok" and went straight back to bed knowing that since I had to get out of bed that there was no way I was going to be able to fall back to sleep. I've been that way since Brinlee was born. If I have to get out of bed for any reason after about 1:30 or 2 am. I am awake for hours afterward.

So I tossed and turned for about 45 minutes and then at about 6:20, I had just started to drift off again when I heard Tatum fussing over the monitor. GRR! I hurried in so that she wouldn't wake Asia and it turns out that she couldn't find her little blankie. I found it, gave it to her and hurried back to the bed again to try and get 20 mins of shut-eye before having to get the other girls ready for school. NOPE! Not even 30 seconds after I layed my head down. I heard Asia and Tatum giggling at each other and then Brinlee yelling at Mariah to stop taking the covers away (they share a king size bed). UGH!

I got absolutely NOTHING done today. I was so tired that I couldn't think straight. When I put Tatum down around 11:30, I layed on the couch and Asia wanted to watch High School Musical 2. I usually give her the choice of laying down with me or watching a movie. She mostly always picks a movie and watches quietly while I nap. NOT today! Every 10 minutes she was whining for something or other. When I finally fell asleep (not sure how long) the phone rang. Oh well....it made me get off my lazy behind and clean the kitchen. I do feel better. I guess I must have gotten a little sleep. Sometimes a "power nap" is all I need.


The Prices said...

when I am pregnant I need like 12 hours of sleep!!I feel for you. Wish I was there so that I could take your kids so that you could get a good nap!

*~McGary's~* said...

Ok...how do i find people on hear? And when i see my profile i don't see are friends that are on? I thought that i would ask you sence you know everything about this kind of stuff! lol ;)

jared and megan said...

It is so good to hear that other people nap too! :)