Friday, February 15, 2008

Tatum's Funky Toe

On Wed, the 23rd of January, we were having a meeting at the Detton's house and Tatum (we think) got her toes stuck under the opening door. She was bleeding from her 2nd toe over on her right foot, but it didn't bleed for long and she seemed fine.

The next week on Thurs, Will noticed that her 3rd toe over on her right foot was all red and swollen. We thought it was weird that it took a whole week to show up AND that it was the 3rd toe over. We didn't think it was that toe originally.

Anyway, that Friday night we went to the Temple and the couples doing the child care at the chapel by the temple said that it looked really bad and we should take her to the dr. We looked at it when we got there and it had gotten all swollen and filled with puss. EWWW! So first thing Saturday, Will took her to the dr and he said it was a pretty bad infection and gave us some antibiotic ointment and and oral antibiotics just in case.

Well a few days later her 3rd toenail over fell off and it started to bleed again. I took these pictures last Sunday the 3rd of Feb and you can see that the skin is all peeling away and looking nasty. Well about 2 or 3 days ago the 2nd toenail over fell off too!! Poor baby! She doesn't complain about it, but she does pick at it relentlessly. UCK!!

sorry she's naked....she's still potty training amused



jared and megan said...

That is so nasty! You made me cringe! Poor baby!

*~McGary's~* said...

ugh! Thouse girls! lol I miss T and Noah playing together. I wish you were closer so they could grow up together as well. Well I hope that she feels ok after that!? YuCK!