Thursday, October 9, 2008

Asia's 4!

Happy Birthday Asia!!!
Today is Asia's birthday. I felt really bad because I hadn't planned anything in advance since I wasn't sure exactly where we'd be. So I called 2 little girls in our ward this morning to see if they would like to come this afternoon and share some cupcakes with Asia. And Jolene brought her little girl, Faith, over. We had cupcakes and snacks and they played together for about an hour. Asia had no idea that it wasn't a "real" party. She had a blast!
Btw, she insisted that the shirt she is wearing is a dress. I could NOT convince her that it's a long shirt and she refused to put pants on. So I decided not to argue with her on her birthday. I did insist that she wear some shorts under it, though. UGH! GIRLS!!!!

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Michelle said...

How fun! Our Jessica turned 4 on October 10th! 2nd cousins just a day apart. I showed my girls Grandma Woolsey on U tube playing the harmonica. They loved it! But they kept asking who are those kids with Grandma? Very fun!