Sunday, October 26, 2008

St. John's Ward

Today was our first Sunday in our new ward. We are in the St. John's Ward of the Vancouver West Stake. It was so crazy that we saw 3 or 4 people that we knew from the Meadows Ward that we lived in before we moved to HI. Jill Taylor is in the Salmon Creek ward which meets just after us. We saw Lynn Ann, who was the nursery leader in Meadows. She was just visiting with another family that is in our new ward. We also saw the Bigelows, who had just moved into Meadows Ward right before we moved out and they are friends with Monte and Dotty Walsh. We met the Tong family and they lived in Meadows Ward before we moved in there, so they know a lot of the same people we do. Bro. Tong is in our new ward bishopric. It was so wild to see all these familiar faces. We really don't live that far from where we used to live, but it seems a world away! Also, my neighbor, Wendy, that introduced herself earlier in the week is a member. I was wondering if she might be. =D

The ward is pretty big. We got there right as the meeting was starting and had to sit in the overflow. Bishop Mansius told Will that there are over 700 people on the ward roster. That's like UT or something! LOL




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Lacey said...

your dress is SO dang cute, where did you get that?