Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hospital Video

I finally uploaded and put together the video clips from the hospital. These were filmed about 30 minutes after she was born.

She is doing really well. She only wakes once in the night to eat now. I feed her at 10, then again at 3 and then not till 7. Will is so good to trade off and feed her in the night a lot. She is not nursing yet, so I pump and she gets a bottle. She'll be 4 weeks on Wednesday. She is such a joy to have in the house. She gets loved to death by all her sisters and everyone here.

Tatum seems to have adjusted well. She was clingy to me at first, but now she is content to be mommy's big helper. "Wah-sell" (Roxelle) is her personal baby doll, so she thinks. I caught her trying to pick Roxelle up off the floor the other day. YIKES!!


*~McGarys~* said...

soo fun! Thanks for posting the videos:) What a cutie. I love your hair short its so cute. I cant have mine short my face is to long. Noah was watching the video of Roxelle and I told him her name and he said "rock baby" lol So cute!We are making plans for Christmas already. I know it's only Oct. but it will be here so fast.

Ross, Lindsay and Braden said...

Kristy she is so adorable!! it makes me more excited about having this next one when i watch those videos...and congrats on the house!

rouskafamily said...

She is so yummy!! I want to squeeze her and kiss her. Give her a love from Aunt Jen:) I am glad she is doing so great, she is beautiful. WHo does she look like, besides Roxelle? LOL