Monday, October 27, 2008

BOY crazy

Brinlee came home from school today and said that Trevor (TJ) Narvasa, the neighbor boy in her class at school and at church just broke up with his friend and they are not friends anymore. I asked her if the friend was a girl or a boy and she said "a boy" (in a tone like, DUH!). I think we have a boy-crazy girl. She has been talking about TJ non-stop. It's always "TJ this" and "TJ that" and "TJ and his sister Becca ride our bus." Becca is in Kindergarten. She wants to hurry and get ready in the morning so that they can walk with TJ and Becca (and Wendy. She walks with them every day). They all do get along really well. Mariah likes to be the boss, of course. It's nice they can play outside on days that it's not raining.

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