Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Tatum is starting to get comfortable here. This morning while I was feeding Roxelle, she was standing near me asking me all kinds of questions in her little way. She gets this really serious look on her face and when she's "thinking" she shifts her eyeballs all the way to the corners of her eyes. This is how it went. (btw, she calls both Grandma's by their last names only for some reason)

Tatum: Jones? House?

Kristy: No this is our house.

T: Oh. Jones? (and points to the floor)

K: No, she lives at Grandma's house.

T: Oh. Bunch?

K: Yep, Grandma has a bench.

T: Oh. Sit?

K: No, she's not at home right now.

T: Oh. A-owplane?

K: Yes, Grandma went on an airplane. (she went to visit Ross and them).

T: Oh. Waynen? House?

K: Yeah, she went to Braden's house.

T: Oh.

She makes me laugh. When I think about how she talks (like now) it makes me smile! =>

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