Tuesday, October 28, 2008

how u cook rice?

So I majorly burned the rice last night.....UGH! We don't have a rice cooker. We had to leave our nice 10 cup one in HI blank. I looked up the directions in one of my cookbooks to find out the exact rice to water ratio. I don't know what I did, but I put it on and Will and I were watching a video in the next room. Within about 10 mins, it started to smell like something was on fire. When I checked it the rice looked fine (through the glass lid on the pan), but there was boiled over water on the burner. Well, when the timer went off and I opened the lid, a mix of smoke and steam came pouring out. The bottom of the rice was complete charcoal. We could have BBQ'd on it. It stunk SO BAD! I opened some windows and the sliding door to clear out the smell and had Mariah close all the doors upstairs so it wouldn't permeate up there. Well this morning, I opened our bedroom door to come down stairs and the smell about knocked me out! So after Ri and Brin were off to school, we bundled up, turned off the heat and opened up the entire house. It took almost 2 hours to clear out the smell. It actually wasn't as freezing as I thought it'd be.


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