Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ice Palace

I always have these ideas for blog posts floating around in my head for days and then when I sit down to post one, my mind is blank. (HORMONES!)

Brinlee got invited to a birthday party for her classmate, Joanne, at Ice Palace. So I decided to let Mariah tag along since this would probably be the only time they would be able to go there. Neither one of them has ever been ice- or roller-skating, so I knew it would be an interesting time. Luckily, they had those little walker looking things that little kids can push around on the ice to keep balance. They have an area marked off from the main path for beginners so that they don't get run over.

They were both gung-ho and ready to get their skates on, but as soon as Brinlee came within 2 inches of the ice, she backed up and said "I don't want to do it!" I didn't have skates on, so I couldn't go on the ice. I put her little "walker" on the ice and helped her hold it. She was shaking her head no and trying to back up, when this cute little girl came up and asked Brinlee if she wanted help. She didn't wait for an answer she just grabbed the "walker" and started pushing it with Brinlee hanging on. It was GREAT! Brinlee did one round and then said "Mommy, I pau". So I let her come off the ice for a few minutes and then she saw Mariah going in circles and decided to try it again. She got out there and started cruising! She LOVED it! I think she even ended up lapping Mariah a couple of times.

At the end, Mariah said she tried it for a minute without the "walker", but fell too many times. The best part was as we were walking out Mariah says "Mom, why do they have to blast that music so loud that we can't even hear each other talk. Geez, my ears are still ringing." HA HA HA!! I was totally laughing and she couldn't figure out why.

I have some pictures to show, but it's late and I will upload them tomorrow (or probably Monday since I am trying not to get on the computer as much on Sundays).

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CoconutKate said...

We've been thinking of going there since its so of these days. How are you feeling...Fae and I came for swimming last friday but Adrianna said you weren't feeling well. What's your due date?