Friday, June 20, 2008

a bump in the road...

It was a small bump, but Will finally got a call back from Southwest Washington Medical Center on that internship he interviewed for and he didn't get the position. He said the lady was really nice and told him that he was very narrowly edged out by another applicant and she told him that she handed his application and all his information over to the nursing recruiter for the hospital with a high recommendation. She said that if he chooses to take a position elsewhere in the hospital, he will have priority for this same internship that will start again in November.

We both have said that we know that he will get a job in the place where we are supposed to be. He has applied at several hospitals up and down the freeway in OR and WA, including Silverton Hospital, Meridian Park (in Tualatin), Emmanuel Hospital (in Portland), OHSU, Southwest Washington Medical Center, and Salmon Creek (the new hospital in Vancouver).

Once he gets a test date from the state of WA to take the boards, he will feel a lot more secure in being able to find a job right away. We are both tired of waiting and just want to feel settled, ESPECIALLY before this baby comes. Keep those prayers coming!

(FYI: He will take the boards in the state of WA, however there is a small additional fee to pay to take one test and be licensed in both OR and WA.)

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Elyse said...

Good Luck! I'm sure something will come up, there is such a demand for nurses these days... PS Silverton is the pooh, in case you're wondering => Can't wait for your shower! Girls day out is so lovely!