Monday, June 23, 2008

Road kill, anyone?

We were watching tv and lounging around after the kids were in bed when my brother, Ross, noticed a family of skunks trying to cross the busy country road in front of my parents house. (2 mornings ago, we woke to a foul smell outside the house and knew that we'd been sprayed by skunks.) That set he and Will on a mission. Ross grabbed the only 2 BB guns in the house and they ran for it. It was a very comical scene watching these 2 grown men running around like 2 little boys out for the hunt. Even my mom got in on it when she helped to load them up with some rocks for "ammo". Only one of the skunks ended up crossing the street into our neighbors yard. As the boys were trying to get it to come out of the bushes, we noticed another family taking over my parents back yard. Any suggestions for skunk control??

In attack mode
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The standoff

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