Thursday, June 12, 2008

so cold!

We arrived here last Wed the 4th. I have been in some kind of crazy weird funk for several weeks and haven't felt like blogging much. I have loved that feature that blogspot added several months ago where you can "pre-post" and I set up my 100's to automatically post for me each day. So while it has seemed that I've been on here every day, it's a faker.

It's been unbelievable cold here since we arrived. I was really hoping that we would have mild June, July, and August weather to slowly adjust to the fall cold, but not so. We are FREEZING! Yesterday morning, Mariah called me into the room they are sleeping at my mom's house and said "MOM, look! There is water on the inside of the window?!" I don't know if she thought that somehow the rain got inside, but I had to explain what condensation is to her.

Last Thursday, the morning after we arrived, Brinlee got up and said "Do we have school today?" After I said no, she asked, "Is is summertime now?" I told her "sort of". Then after breakfast she called me into the living room and pointed out the big picture window and said "MOM, look at the grass! It's growing bigger!" I guess it's been a while since she saw so much green grass in one single yard??


Crystal said...

Hey missed ya! I was thinking about you all last week!!! Hope the move went well! You are closer to me I can feel it! Yeah! Move south so you can get warmer! It's been cold here to!!! What's up with that! Hope you are feeling ok!!! Love Ya!

Mama Nash said...

ummm yeah!! it is freezing here....why did you leave hawaii????? Welcome back!! We HAVE to get together!!! Brooklyn's party is coming up, we'd love to have you guys come!!!

Stacy said...

Ok how cold is freezing? We plan on going to Utah in October to bless the Twins and Baptize Davis and I am afraid that we will freeze. That is one thing that I love about this WIERD place is the weather.

Elyse said...

I didn't know you guys were back already => Welcome home, although I can imagine its quite a shocker to be here in this ucky weather we've been having. Sigh.... is summer ever going to come??? If you want to get away sometime, you guys are welcome to come by. We could have a play date or go to the park or something? Silverton has a great icecream parlor and a new playground that's great. April would probably love to see you too => Hope the "funk"passes. I totally get it. Love ya and talk to you later!