Saturday, March 22, 2008

Brinlee's Birthday

It's that time again. We had another birthday. I have been stressed all week with being sick and trying to plan the party and getting ready for Easter (I still don't feel ready).
I started last night by making the cake and then freezing it so that it wouldn't crumble when I cut it into an egg shape.

This morning, I printed out the blown-up clip art egg and tooth-picked it to the top of the 9x13 cake. Then iced it with purple frosting. I had 4 one half cups of sugar separated into baggies. I colored each of them with liquid food coloring to make pink, blue, yellow and green. It was so easy! I thought it was going to be a pain, but I just dropped 3 drops in each baggie and massaged it around until desired color was reached.

I used little stencils to make the decorations. Then I food colored coconut to look like green grass and sprinkled Easter colored M&M's on it to look like little eggs. It wasn't perfect, but Brinlee thought it was the best cake she'd ever seen (and that's all the matters, right?!)

The party went off without a hitch! When the girls arrived, we immediately let them hunt for Easter eggs in the yard outside our front gate. They were in heaven! There was only 4 of them including Brinlee and we had filled over 100 plastic eggs with Candy.

I had a table set up in the garage for them to dye eggs. I gave them each a 1/2 dozen and let them at it. We had tape and rubber bands to make interesting designs and they thought that was so cool!

Then we had lunch (mini corndogs and fries), presents and cake. For dinner she wanted to go to Denny's (???). She insisted that we tell them it's her birthday so after we ate they came out and sang Happy Birthday to her and gave her an ice cream sundae. It was really funny to see her embarrased by everyone singing to her and looking at her. Her face turned bright red.

Here's a slideshow that Brinlee helped me put together.

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The Prices said...

that looks like a fun party. tell her happy birthday for us!