Monday, March 31, 2008

Doctor appointment today

I had my 2nd dr appt. today with Dr. Goh. It went well. I am 15 weeks now. I had to take Asia and Tatum with me and that's always a gamble as to whether or not they will be good. They weren't awful, but they weren't angels either. Asia kept opening and closing the cupboards and drawers in the room we were in. Tatum kept squawking and laughing at Asia. The dr. was being good natured about it, but I could tell that he was getting just a titch annoyed.

I told Dr. Goh that 2 of my sisters (Paula and Megan) have both recently been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto's Disease. With that also comes hypothyroidism. Oddly, my mom had a portion of her thyroid removed when she was in her 20's due to hyPERthyroidism. Dr. Goh said that he definitely wants to get me tested.

I also told him that I'd been having this nagging dry cough for a couple of months and I told him what happened last night. He checked my chest and throat and looked in my mouth and said that he suspects I have some kind of bronchial something or other (he used a name for it) going on. He prescribed an inhaler to use 3 times a day until the inhaler is empty. He said he'd check me again at my next appt.

Then I asked him (MAN, I am a basket case) if he had ever heard of Burning Mouth Syndrome. He said that he had, but never treated a case.

I have had this thing ever since we got married almost 10 years ago where my mouth feels really "hot". It is almost like I have a fever raging on the inside of my mouth and tongue. It gets so bad that it makes my face sweat. I have always just tolerated it and never thought too much about it. Well, I don't know if it's getting worse, or I am just not able to tolerate it as well with this pregnancy. A few weeks ago it was so bad that I wanted to cut my own tongue out. I was home alone with the girls and I was going crazy, so I decided to find out once and for all if this is just in my head or if there is someone else out there that has the same thing. So I searched on the internet for a good couple hours trying to find something about it. I searched on "Why is my mouth hot?" "Why does my tongue feel hot?", etc. Mostly the searches turned up information on cayenne peppers and other crazy stuff. Then I happened upon this medical site and there was a tiny blurb about something called BMS or Burning Mouth Syndrome. I almost leaped for joy when I read the symptoms.

When Will got home, I asked him if ever remembers me saying sometimes that my mouth is hot and he said "yeeeaaaah" (almost like he wanted roll his eyes and say oh brother, what now"). I said well I think I have Burning Mouth Syndrome. Long story, short.....he must not have believed me that there is something called Burning Mouth Syndrome so he went upstairs and looked in one of his nursing books (unbeknown to me) and sure enough there was a paragraph in there that talks about BMS!!

Dr. Goh said that he would do a little digging and see if he could find anything out about it and asked if I would do some more research on the internet. They also scheduled my official ultrasound for April 26!! I don't have my hopes up for a boy (well, maybe a little. LOL!) Will and I have both already expressed that we think it's another girl. Here a few pictures from the early genetic disorder screening that I had the other week. I was 13 weeks at the time and I asked the tech if she could tell gender and she said she looked, but couldn't really see anything.





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The Prices said...

I wish that I was there to watch the girls for you. I know what a pain it is to take kids with you to your pregnancy visits! I am excited to hear what sex the baby is. And I hope that you feel better!