Friday, March 21, 2008

Glow Putt

Today was Aleena Kai's 4th birthday. They had her party at Glow Putt in the Windward Mall over in Kaneohe. It was SO FUN! I didn't golf, but all the kids did, even Tatum gave it a try. She and Ryder Allen were sharing a putter. She got frustrated with not being able to hit the ball properly, so she stomped her foot, snatched up the ball and chucked it at the hole!! It was HILARIOUS!

There was actually quite a few people in our party. It was the Allens (Andrea, Skyler, Aspen, and Ryder), the Dano's (Sheri, Shayden, Dustin, Dayton, Braylin and baby Shysen), the Millers (Jean, Kiana, Kainoa, and Ikaika), and all of us including Will. Plus the Kai's 7 and all her family (except U'i). Kauwe's parents were there and so was his sister, Noweo. There was this little area off to the side in the back for party groups. We had pizza and such.

It was a really interesting place, it was completely dark on the inside with all black lighting. There were neon graphics all over the walls. Each hole was lined with neon pant and all the putters and balls were glowing too. It was really cool!

Our girls have never been golfing (they think they have because of the Wii...LOL), but they all had a GREAT time. Asia just kept wanting to go around and around.

Tomorrow is Brinlee's 6th birthday. She invited 4 little friends and I am going to help them color Easter Eggs. Then we will have an Easter egg hunt with plastic candy filled eggs. She is SUPER excited.

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