Saturday, March 15, 2008

Updates and OUTdates

sheesh! I have had all these pictures and video clips on my hard drive for months and well, I guess it's Christmas in March!'s gonna be a long one (hee hee hee)

The girls each got some movie money (from each of the cousins that had their names) and we took them to the Dole Cannery Theater on Christmas day to see the movie 'Enchanted'. They each also got some cash to get whatever they wanted at the snack bar. They LOVED it! Even Tatum sat through most of it.

The day after Christmas, we were all hanging out in jammies all day and Asia was totally jammin on her "ipod" (her Barbie Girls mp3 player) while the others were playing with Daddy's new toy (the Wii). Watch!

Mariah helped me design this slide for her 8th Birthday. We had a family celebration on the 5th and then she invited a few friends to McDonald's the next night. The thing referred to as 'Coconut' in the slide show is the bear she made at Hana'i Bear (similar to Build a Bear) at Taylor Moore's birthday party the month before. *eyes-rolling* LOL
The following week on the 12th of February, she got to go to her first Activity Days activity with Sister Colon. She was SOOO excited! They made Valentine's heart shaped cookie lollipops.

I think everything else is pretty much up to date. I am trying to keep up with the pace of these 4 bouncing children!! We'll see how the next few months go with the move coming up and all.


The Prices said...

We're sad we aren't there with you guys!

CoconutKate said...

Wow! And I thought Fae raked in the loot! Happy late birthday to Mariah!

*~McGary's~* said...

Talk about lots of wraping paper:) I thought that Noah got lots but you top the chart. lol HOW FUN!!!!! I miss HI:( But Im so exited to be moving to a house soon. It's been to long! Any ways I liked the pj's the girls all had. Were T's the pj's we sent for her b-day? FUN FUN FUN! So how did
Mariah feel when she got baptized? I bet you were so exited:) How awsome. Ihope you are feeling better these days.

Erickson Family said...

FYI: Mariah will be baptized in May when our families are here for Will's HPU graduation. We gave her the choice to have it on her birthday or to wait and she chose to wait.