Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

Brinlee, Mariah, Tatum, Asia

Ocean Pointe HOA put on their 1st annual Easter Egg Hunt at Keone'ula Elementary School. They put on one grande event. There were 3 huge jumpers and one smaller one with a ball pit inside. They had a few game stations set up and the main event!

They were running on HI time, so it started about 25 mins late and the kids were chomping at the bit. They ended up having to split up the toddler group (age up to 3) because there were so many more than they anticipated.

Tatum was all revved up and ready to go. She did NOT want to wait. About 15 mins past the time it was supposed to start she started getting fussy. Poor girl just wanted to put some eggs in her bucket (and yes, it was a SAND bucket....what? We live in HI.... ha ha ha).

They ended up having a great time and the bouncers were a hit. This one was a Pirates of the Carribbean theme and had a huge slide.

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Little Miss Thang was not having ANY of the bouncers. She freaked out when I tried to put her in one!

The Kai's were there too, I didn't end up getting many pictures of them. The oldest group kinda got the shaft. Since they had to split the toddler group. The 2nd group of toddlers "hunted" where the 4-6 yr olds were supposed to hunt. So the 4-6 kids "hunted" where the 7-11 yr olds were supposed to hunt. They let the 4-6 have about a minute head start, but by the time 15 seconds passed, the field was starting to get cleared out, so I gave Liana and Mariah the go ahead to go out on the field. A full 45 seconds later the chick with the bull horn said "OK 7-11's, GO AHEAD!" WHAT?! There weren't even any eggs left??? I was glad I went ahead and let our girls go. They were able to get a good bucket full.



The Prices said...

That looks like so much fun. Hope your family has a Happy Easter!!

*~McGary's~* said...

Noah is the same way as T. He hates thouse bouncers for some ression? Silly~lol I can't wait till noah gets to go easter egg hunting tomarrow:)

*Matie Kay* said...

I didn't realize I was missing the links! Thank you so much for saying something so I could fix it. :) It is already done so it should work now. Thanks again!

Mama Nash said...

happy easter!!!How is miss prego feelin??